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July 2018



MUTA President’s Message


Hello  MUTA members,


   As each of you enjoys the remainder of your summer vacation and for many MUTA members (including myself and MUTA Vp Wade) who recently completed summer school programs throughout MUSD and are just beginning time off may your summer break go well and enjoy your time with family and friends.

   MUTA officers will be attending July/August trainings at the CTA Presidents conference and at the UCLA-CTA 2018 summer institute. We will be able to access experts in not only the legal-political challenges, bargaining practices, improving member benefits, but also best teaching and instructional practices necessary to keep MUTA and MUSD current and up to date with the latest education research and student learning approaches.

   Finally, although the June 2018 US Supreme Court 5:4 ruling to reverse 50 years of agency fee labor law that had leveled the playing field for many middle class professions (police, fire, nurses, and educators) MUTA will maintain and continue to build our membership. We are stronger together, and our unity is more important than ever as we return to the 18-19 school year and our MUTA bargaining team re enters contract talks with the MUSD lawyers and DO administration.

Together we make a difference.


Thank you all for being in MUTA-CTA,


David Holder

MUTA President Holder





MUTA officers and committee chairs

 President: David Holder

 Vice President: Amanda Wade  

Secretary: Sean Kelly  

Treasurer: Cheryl Sullivan  

At Large Reps: Sarah Colomer,  Joshua Munoz

CTA State Council : Letcia Ruelas,  Sarah Colomer

Membership:  Sandra Kelly 

 Bargaining Chair: Amanda Wade  

Elections Chair: Sandra Kelly

Grievance Chair: Amanda Wade

PAC Chair: Danny Grimaldo


























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