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May 2018



MUTA President’s Message




MUTA members,


   As we enter the last few weeks of the 18-19 school year with all the testing, finals, grading, report cards, graduations, dances, carnivals, and other school events it is also that time (May 9th) of the year in which California celebrates "Day of the Teacher".


   California owes much of its success to its public schools. MUTA members are dedicated to the growth of every student in MUSD and the educators in our Madera community are second to none.


   The public education professionals of MUTA working together with the parents and families are making a difference on a daily basis to help our students succeed in all aspects of life. Not just in school or the classroom, but in a better future for all.


   Your MUTA leaders Believe In Each Of You- The nearly 1200 classroom teachers, counselors, nurses, special assignment educators, and librarians.

MUTA: Together We Make A Difference Always Have and Always Will.




Warmest Regards,  


David Holder

MUTA President






MUTA officers and committee chairs

 President: David Holder

 Vice President: Amanda Wade  

Secretary: Sean Kelly  

Treasurer: Cheryl Sullivan  

At Large Reps: Sarah Colomer,  Joshua Munoz

CTA State Council : Letcia Ruelas,  Sarah Colomer

Membership:  Sandra Kelly 

 Bargaining Chair: Amanda Wade  

Elections Chair: Sandra Kelly

Grievance Chair: Amanda Wade

PAC Chair: Danny Grimaldo


























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