July 2017

Current Issues

The following are just a few current issues the MUTA leadership has been working on:





Opt-out Freedom-Foundation Flyer

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Professinal Development Money

Unfortunately the district office administration has chosen NOT to fund the MUTA $500 professional development money we have been provided for the past 3 years. Both MUTA president and vice president have spoken to district office officials regarding continuing to provide this to our members, however the disctrict office administration has chosen not to fund it. 




Student Discipline


MUTA leadership supports the right to have a safe classroom environment which is free of abusive and disruptive student behaviors. Suspension by teacher (Ed Code 48910)- A teacher may suspend a pupil from his/her class or class period, for any act specified in (Ed Code 48900) for the day of the suspension and the day following. The suspension must be immediately reported to the principal and the student sent to the principal for further action.  The teacher must also request a parent/teacher conference as soon as possible. The pupil shall not be returned to the class from which the pupil was suspended during the period of the suspension without the concurrence of the teacher and the principal.  Your administration does not have the right to tell you that you cannot suspend the pupil. 







Your district issued laptop and all the information stored on it can be viewed by MUSD. When you “surf the net” on your district laptop at home and then bring that laptop to work- your information is stored on MUSD servers. MUSD has the right to monitor everything you do on your work computer — and how you communicate on it. As you know, certain websites are filtered out and your other web activity can be seen as well.  Your association does not condone the misuse of district issued laptops. You are expected to use a district laptop for educational purposes that pertain to your employment with MUSD. 









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