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February 2018



MUTA President’s Message




Hello MUTA members,



     As we enter the second half of the 17-18 school year there are many changes taking place that will impact public education throughout the nation, in California, and in MUSD.


   The US Supreme Court will soon be ruling on federal fair share labor laws which will significantly impact every labor association (police, fire, and teacher unions for example) in the United States, including CTA and MUTA.


   California Governor Brown has released his 2018 budget and though public school funding trends are positive, there is still much to be cautious over. The CA economy is as we all know cyclical which does impact public school funding.


   Locally your MUTA leadership and CTA staff have been reviewing MUSD's latest LCFF and LCAP financial statements and we will continue to be meeting with our financial analysts in order to ensure every MUTA members’ future is fiscally secure and that your professional educator interests are protected.





David Holder

MUTA President






MUTA officers and committee chairs

 President: David Holder

 Vice President: Amanda Wade  

Secretary: Sean Kelly  

Treasurer: Cheryl Sullivan  

At Large Reps: Sarah Colomer,  Joshua Munoz

CTA State Council : Letcia Ruelas,  Sarah Colomer

Membership:  Sandra Kelly 

 Bargaining Chair: Amanda Wade  

Elections Chair: Sandra Kelly

Grievance Chair: Amanda Wade

PAC Chair: Danny Grimaldo


























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